ANRIN SELF drainage channels

SELF PP plastic channels - Product specifications

SELF PP Kunststoffrinnen

Product specifications for SELF PP plastic channels

Product specifications 
Material Resin concrete
Length 100 cm
Width 13.1 cm
Height 7 cm / 10 cm
Weight 1.6 - 2.9 kg
Nominal width 100 mm
Joint type Latching system with integrated joint sealing
Fastening TwistLock fastening
Load capacity cl. A15
Cover gratings Slotted steel grating cl. A15, slotted plastic grating cl. A15

Dimensions for SELF PP plastic channels



Always begin the installation of the channel string at the lowest point of the surface with the installation of the sump unit. In doing so, you will achieve the optimal drainage of rainwater to the sewer system.